In an effort to always offer our valued patients the absolute best in Cheyenne dentistry, we continuously strive to update and improve every aspect of our services. With the science of dentistry always being enhanced by discovery and innovation, we work to always find ways to incorporate the industry’s newest equipment and techniques whenever we believe our patients will benefit from them.

Combining compassionate, gentle care with cutting-edge dentistry, we strive to offer superior dental care through the following:

Intraoral camera – Going further than x-ray technology ever could, intraoral cameras allow us an intricate view of the mouth’s soft tissue and any areas of concern.

Soft Tissue Laser – Utilizing the power of lasers, we’re able to quickly, gently and effectively address and heal a variety of soft tissue problems.

Digital X-ray – Improving upon the traditional x-ray, digital applications allow dentists to gain a truer view of the structure of teeth and facial bones while greatly reducing the patient’s exposure to radiation.

The Wand – Developed as an alternative to painful anesthesia injections, the wand removes the possibility of human error by utilizing computer signals to deliver anesthesia in a more gentle fashion.

Find out more about these and other innovations in dentistry by scheduling your next exam and checkup with East Pershing Dental. We promise individualized attention with a smile.