Cheyenne Tooth Extractions

Sometimes, as much as we our Cheyenne dentists hate to admit it, tooth extraction is simply the best and most effective measure. At East Pershing Dental, we’ll do whatever we can to avoid having to pull a tooth but understand that sometimes, in cases where the tooth just can’t be saved or restorative measures would be too extensive and costly, it’s the best option.

That being said, when we do have to remove a tooth, we strive to do so as gently and quickly as possible, limiting pain and recovery time as much as possible. Whether it’s a defective tooth, a badly growing molar, or a baby tooth inhibiting the healthy growth of a permanent tooth, we’ll only do so after all other options have been exhausted.

If you have any reason to believe that your tooth needs to be extracted, we invite you to schedule an oral health assessment today. You may have options you may not have considered which will allow you to keep your teeth where they belong.